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Note: All times are subject to weather and camp time.
Nov 18

List of events:

11:45 AM - recognition of guests

12:00 - Prayer

12:15 PM - meal served

1:30 PM - clean up

2:30 PM - Bingo in the pavillion. Should have around 10 games and will last till 4 PM.

2:30 PM - For those of you wishing to support the hospitals at a Shrine function, please feel free to head to the Shrine to assist with the punk rock festival fundraiser which starts at noon and goes until 11 PM.

Camp Alzafar Thanksgiving

Place: Pavilion at camp. Food will be served from the cook shack.

Need: We need everyone to bring a side and the camp association will provide the turkey/ham. Please reply to this email if you plan on bringing a side. Also, at some point, we anticipate having more of some sides than others so please don’t be offended if we ask anyone to change course with what they planned on bringing.

Cost: If you plan on attending and would like to donate money towards the cost of the turkey, there will be a can at the end of the line for donations.

Notes: The event will be an early lunch to account for the event needs for the hospital fundraiser at the Shrine starting that day at noon at the Shrine.

Needs: We will need 5 volunteers in the cook shack on November 18th starting at 7:30 AM to prep for the meal. Also, if anyone has an electric turkey fryer that the camp association can use for the day, we would appreciate it. We will need three, and I have one covered already.

If you plan to volunteer that day, please contact me at (Tater)



Dec 16   Camp Alzafar

Check back soon for more fun activities!

Please Note:

1) Are you in the market for a cabin? Tell an officer. We get rumors and some cabins go very fast.  No promises, but if you don't tell anyone....

2) Do we have a good email for you? If someone says they didn't get this or the other emails then we don't. I have lots of notes and I am updating when I find them. It is a work in progress. FYI: I blind copy all recipients.

3) We have a great summer in store. Plan to bring your friends, family and Brothers out to camp.


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